EDTA CHELATION (EdtaPro™) - 120 Capsules

EDTA CHELATION (EdtaPro™) - 120 Capsules

Description EDTA Pro is a remarkable cleansing supplement offering unique benefits to health. What is chelation? Chelation comes from the Greek word khele, meaning claw, and is a medical therapy...
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EDTA Pro is a remarkable cleansing supplement offering unique benefits to health.

What is chelation?

Chelation comes from the Greek word khele, meaning claw, and is a medical therapy designed to “grab” and bind toxic heavy metal compounds within the body so that they can be safely processed and expelled by the kidneys.

While initially developed as a means of treating cases of acute heavy metal poisoning, particularly those caused by high doses of lead and mercury, groundbreaking research has increasingly led to chelation being seen as a more generalised antiaging tool.

Not only do chelators help to reduce relatively small but still potentially harmful concentrations of heavy metals picked up from the air we breathe and the food we eat, they may also be specifically beneficial for cardiac health.

As we age, calcified plaque, much like the hard, white gunk that builds up between teeth, can accumulate within arteries and potentially cause blockages. Unsurprisingly, these blockages can have major consequences for health, dramatically increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Research suggests that chelation, in much the same way that it flushes toxic metals from the body, may act upon these plaque build-ups, boosting cardiac health by unblocking arteries.

Chelation is also being examined as a treatment for inflammatory disorders such as lupus and arthritis. By acting as an antioxidant and assisting in the removal of toxic compounds from the body, researchers suspect that chelation may offer a valuable means of reducing symptoms caused by inflamed tissue.

What’s in EDTA Pro?

The primary ingredient is EDTA, a potent chelating agent that supports the removal of heavy metals and harmful mineral deposits from the body’s tissues and organs. EDTA Pro also includes malic acid, commonly found in fruit, which plays a vital role in energy production through the metabolic cycle, as well as garlic, a natural antioxidant and immunity booster.

What is heavy metal toxicity?

Heavy metal toxicity is the harmful result of long-term or high-dosage exposure to certain metals such as lead or mercury. While our bodies normally contain and, in fact, require metallic compounds such as zinc, iron, and copper, there are also many metals which interfere with organ function and essential metabolic processes. While many sources of heavy metal toxicity such as lead paint and piping are being phased out of the environments we live in, decreasing air quality due to industrial pollution and questionable farming and food production practises may mean harmful metals are still finding their way into our bodies.

Though most people only hear about extreme cases of heavy metal toxicity, where significant amounts of lead has been ingested for example, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests many of us may experience minor symptoms of heavy metal toxicity without realising the cause.

These include:
•digestive distress
•low mood
•sore joints
•poor blood sugar regulation

How is chelation an antiaging therapy?

Chelation supplements such as EDTA Pro offer a powerful means to mitigate the damage caused by heavy metal toxicity by reducing the concentrations of these harmful compounds within the body. By doing so, they may prevent untold damage to tissue and organs accumulated over long years of low level heavy metal toxicity.

Chelation’s potential to decrease risk of cardiovascular disease is also a remarkably potent tool in the antiaging arsenal, with even small increases in arterial health offering positive outcomes for overall lifespan.